Change your reader's life

Who is your perfect reader? How will they change as a result of reading your post?

To write posts that make a difference, answer the following:

What is the transformation you want to help your readers to achieve?

Clearly define who your readers are, what do they want, and what problems prevent them from getting it.

This will tell you:

  • What kind of topics you should write about.
  • How to write things that attract people to your blog.
  • How to get your readers to share your writing and return for more.
  • How to make money with your writing.

Because by figuring out the transformation you're helping your reader to achieve, you're getting to the core of what effective writing does - it helps a person to go from A to B, from where they are to where they wish to be.

It changes people.

Break up that journey into multiple steps the reader needs to take to reach their goal. Determine the obstacles they will face, and the ways to overcome them.

Each step is a blog post idea. Combined together, they can be assembled into a course or a book that people want to buy - because it gives them what they want.

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