Your path to becoming a Prolific and Profitable Digital Writer

In this post you will learn all the steps you need to take to start making money by writing online and selling your digital products.

Starting a blog, or building an audience on social media?

Should you write on your own website, or build an audience on social media?

How to send cold Twitter DMs like a pro

Sending cold DMs is a great way to open yourself up to opportunities. In this post, I will teach you a simple but effective framework you can use to reach out to people.

Change your reader's life

To write posts that make a difference, figure out the transformation you want to help your readers to achieve.

Write about small topics

The biggest mistake many novice writers make is trying to fit too many ideas into a single article. The solution - narrow things down, focus on the smallest idea you can find.

Teach as you learn

Don't wait until you become an expert in order to start teaching, start writing about the things you're learning right away.

Why kids and prolific writers don't suffer from writer's block

Kids and prolific writers have one thing in common, and you need to get good at this thing if you want to defeat your writer's block.

How to write posts that do well on Hacker News

Organized and distilled summary of HN moderator's advice on writing posts that HN community will find interesting.

The 7 Strategies You Should Use to Write Titles that Make People Click

If your title is not compelling, nobody will read your post. Use these strategies to get people to click.

How to Build your Digital Library of Ideas

The most powerful tool you can have as a writer is your own digital library of ideas. Here's how to build it.

How to Write Things People Want to Read

If you're writing for yourself, you can write about anything you want. If you're writing to spread your ideas, reach an audience, or make money - you need to figure out how to write things people really want to read. Here's how.

15 Types of Atomic Essays You Should Write

I highly recommend you to write at least one essay of each type - the more different formats you experiment with, the more you'll learn!
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