Your path to becoming a
Prolific and Profitable Digital Writer

The path to becoming a prolific content creator and making a living with digital writing is no longer as mysterious as it used to be.

There's a playbook you can follow, and in this post you will learn all the steps you need to take to start making money by writing and selling your digital products.

Build a writing habit

The first step you must take is to become a prolific writer, that means - writing every day and publishing regularly.

It all starts with writing, because words are the raw material for everything else. You use writing to grow your audience, to publish your newsletter, to create your products, and to sell the products you've created.

Writing is a universal high-leverage skill, necessary and sufficient for running a successful online business, but it only works if you keep writing - every day.

Create your digital products

You create products by assembling your daily posts and notes into PDF guides and courses.

You can use small and simple products as "lead magnets" - give them away for free in exchange for people's emails, enabling you to grow your mailing list. Then you create premium offers, and use your mailing list to sell them.

Publish your products as PDF guides on Gumroad, or as courses on platforms like Podia or Teachable.

Grow your audience

Your most valuable asset is your audience. Your readers are the people who will help you spread your ideas, and who will buy your products.

You grow your audience by regularly publishing your writing on social media platforms (Twitter, Medium, Reddit, etc), and then using lead magnets to convert social media followers and visitors into the mailing list subscribers.

Once you have the mailing list, you share valuable information with them to build credibility and trust, and then send them occasional promotions for your products.

Sell your products with copywriting

Once you have a product to offer, and an audience who loves your content and trusts your expertise, the final step is to sell your product to your readers.

Copywriting is a skill that enables you to do that. You understand your readers and their problems, and then write persuasive landing pages that explain how your products solve your readers' problems.

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This was a high-level overview of a digital writer's playbook.

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